Dark Summit

13 Feb 2020

I picked this one up right after Into thin air. I was looking to read more about Everest disasters and this seemed like a good follow up book.

This book picks up from where Into thin air left. There is a little overlap initially, but that doesn’t make it any less interesting. Rather it provides another account of some of the 1996 events that were not given adequate attention in Into thin air. There are many intriguing stories like Lincoln Hall’s miraculous survival and David Sharp’s ordeal. I feel almost guilty about taking so much interest in such horrific incidents. You can’t help but notice certain similarities between the events of 2006 and 1996 - the presence of scrupulous operators, unfit climbers, etc.

Though not as gripping as Into thin air, this book is a good follow up read after it. I listened to the audio version on audible, wonderfully narrated by David Drummond.

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